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FLogs are a way to motivate yourself and others by sharing your health and fitness progress with the community. You may use the links on the right to limit the FLogs which are displayed.

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  • Beginning

    Looking forward to beginning my training in an effort to get fit and stay fit. I picked the first day of 2014 to begin on my new journey into fitness and am looking forward to beginning in a full hearted way insted of the half hearted effort th...
    by: CleverCatPI on: 2013/12/28
  • Welcome!

    Welcome everybody to the new Training Logs! Not only can you log your progress on a daily basis, but people can read them and comment on them! Please note, only FreeTrainers Professional members can make log entries, however, ...
    by: Adrian on: 2003/09/23
  • Biceps.. abs & calves..

    Easy day.. just focus on bi's! Standing D. Curls (reps for each arm) 30 x 12 45 x 10 55 x 8 60 x 6 65 x 4 Standing Reverse B. Curls 40 x 15 50 x 15 60 x 15 70 x 12 80 x 12 Single Arm Machine Preacher Curls 30 x 12 40 x 10 45 ...
    by: george on: 2003/09/30
  • Almost time

    Tomorrow is the first day I'll begin actually starting on this workout.. I'm slightly nervous but extremely pumped at the same time. I'll be doing the At Home workout because I don't have access to a gym. If anyone has previously done this workout...
    by: Lanceshaw on: 2012/01/04
  • Nutrition

    Well I feel good to start this program. But I have to say that I'm a little disapointed to see that they don't have the nutrition part ready yet. Does anyone know of a good nutrition plan I can follow untill then? Have a good one everyone!
    by: aaeerroonn on: 2012/08/27
  • 2012 Welcome!

    Welcome to 2012.  As many of us are starting the New Year, lots of us have Health and Fitness at the top of our Resolutions list.  One thing to keep in mind is that a healthy lifestyle and fitness are a constant thing in our lives, not an option. ...
    by: Ravenbeauty on: 2012/01/02
  • New Beginning

    Well, ive finally found someone to workout with. Which means i have no excuses anymore. its time to get back into shape and drop this excess baggage i have. A new day and a new start!
    by: jasjoh9181 on: 2014/07/21
  • Little Confuzzled

    Ok So I've been doing this about a week and a half now alongside a dance workout and i can tell that I'm starting to tone a little. However, I appear to be gaining weight as i do so I know muscles weight more and all that but my measurements are ...
    by: Kap-chan on: 2014/02/12
  • I am loving this!!!!!!

    So far so good, I am enjoying this diet as well as the way I feel. I feel lighter and less tired
    by: tpmatoka on: 2014/02/27
  • confuse

    Hi, Im a ittle confuse with my work out, hope some one can help me out... Do I have to follow exactly the way the work out is on the paper or can I start with my cardio first, today I printed my work out and gave me the weights first, but by the t...
    by: sindymartinez24 on: 2012/04/26
  • Determined

    Searched pre & post work out foods to help boost my weight loss. I now know what to eat and what to do...just need to do it!
    by: sarah.gant on: 2013/07/12
  • Day 1

    Today is Day 1 and it has gone pretty well. I woke up, and I ate a peanut butter & jelly sandwich (with all natural jelly) with an apple and a bottle of water. I felt good because I actually woke up at 8 a.m instead of 2 p.m. The breakfast was a g...
    by: kristened1999 on: 2014/02/11
  • Need a buddy/someoen with experience in 'cutting'

    I've been exercising 5 days a week for the last month and I've lost about 6 pounds.  While this does feel good in a way, I don't really love what I'm seeing in the mirror.  The fat around my waist hasn't reduced at all and I'm wondering if there's...
    by: Wheninchina on: 2012/11/17
  • 1st Day Here!!

    This is my 1st day using this site!! This morning I completed the first week of Boot camp (second round :) )!! I never thought I would love protein shakes but i finally found the one!! haha  Trying to eat very clean today!!
    by: Cjoslin84 on: 2012/04/26
  • Lost weight

    I jumped on the scale and found that I have lost 3 lbs. I'm pretty sure it's 3 lbs of fat. I guess my diet is working after all. It's nice to see a result. It makes me want to workout harder. I am not doing any of the suggested exercise here, be...
    by: levans3 on: 2012/04/08
  • Getting it together

    Today I went to get my total body evaluated by a health nutritionist I have a lot to work on but determined to reach my goal
    by: Marivi916 on: 2012/01/03
  • The Morning After

    I just woke up after passing out after my first FreeTrainers workout that I increased like a glutton for punishment & I must say I feel rather good! I'm noticing that I'm more inclined to do the full workout in the evenings after the babes are asl...
    by: luv1butterfly on: 2012/01/10
  • First Weigh in

    Weighed in at 318lbs. Meals: Breakfast = Vex Cereal + 2% Milk Lunch = Burger & Onion Rings Supper = Kraft Dinner (2 Bowls) Snacks = None
    by: Kklemmer on: 2012/01/30
  • Ten Thousand Swing Challenge - Day One

    Ten Thousand Swing Challenge - Day One Start: 1:58pm Finish: 3:00pm Warm Up: 5:00 Swings - lots and lots of swings. 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off. Found out 19 swings in 30 seconds is where I'm at. Total amount of swings were 520. Nine t...
    by: yadmit on: 2012/01/01
  • busy bee

    Been working like crazy, doing my workouts..this week has been an off week, instead of my set routine I have been going in and doing whatever I feel like to work the assigned muscle groups for the day. Some weeks are like that, and it works out ju...
    by: asimmer on: 2012/02/08

    Guys I am PSYCHED! On July 24th, I tested out the exceptionally hyped up diet pills known as Garcina Cambogia. The pitch was that these "miracle" pills would shed pounds of fat, even without changing your diet & exercise routine. They recommended ...
    by: snm0918 on: 2014/10/04
  • Just some thoughts

    So, a few months ago, I started working out with weights and exercising much more at home than I was. I'm a lifelong distance runner, so have always exercised. Now I run three times a week just for maintenance, usually 4 miles at a time. I don't b...
    by: jwads on: 2012/09/11
  • My Sunday Breakfast!

    29 January 2012, Sunday @ 0830 hours Wake up to a Beautiful Sunday, and saw Mummy in the Kitchen. She was boiling some Spicy Pepper Hotdogs. Yup you heard that right, BOILING with Hot Water. She also made Cheese Prata (Indian Flat Bread wi...
    by: hazry45 on: 2012/01/28
  • I just joined

    I just joined this site, not as a New Years Resolution - I think they are doomed to fail, but to get a kick in the pants to get back to where I was 5 years ago. I, like many other people, want my 21 year old body back. I am only 26 and I got out o...
    by: jocephus865 on: 2012/01/01
  • day 1 at gym

    me and the honey are about to leave for the gym. im kinda nervous and excited at the same time. nervous that im gonna fail at this but then very excited to start something that ive been wanting to do for a long time. im pretty sure these feelings ...
    by: gerilynn1975 on: 2012/01/15
  • Feeling it!! Lol

    Today I did my full body excercise and I will say, I am feeling it but I have some energy. And I think I like it. I worked out in the early morning to start my day. I don't feel tired or anything. I feel if I keep this up I will be good. (** pats ...
    by: DeeLush on: 2013/11/07
  • Quick Question

    Quick Question: Has anybody figured out, or know a place I could find the calories burned when doing the at home workout program? Thanks!
    by: eahl176 on: 2015/02/27
  • The Truth Hurts

    Last week I had my first meeting with a trainer. He went through a lifestyle analysis with me. I was saddened to hear that I have the body of a 58 year old and the lung capacity of a 62 year old. I am 49. Needless to say, this was NOT what I wante...
    by: danaburgess on: 2014/02/02
  • monday

    Oh Monday, day one of week two. It has only been a week but i was hoping to see a slight drop at the scale. I've been pounding water like its going out of style. I have been trying to watch how much i eat and the frequency, and been doing good min...
    by: bryan.r.pate on: 2013/10/28
  • Eating Habits

    Working 3rd shift it's kind of hard getting my eating habits together because my sleep is all over the place. Thinking that if I set my alarms to go off when or around times that I should be eating and only eat at each alarm this should help me wi...
    by: Tazz777 on: 2012/11/02
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