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Posted on: 2013/10/28, 11:34 AM by: bryan.r.pate
Oh Monday, day one of week two. It has only been a week but i was hoping to see a slight drop at the scale. I've been pounding water like its going out of style. I have been trying to watch how much i eat and the frequency, and been doing good minus 2 meals where i probably ate more then i should have, but I'm not discouraged. Today was core, tri and bi's and i feel like i did really well. I completed all my exercises  for the most part. I know i definitely pushed myself. Nothing was easy and i don't feel like i could have done anymore or any heavier, minus the core part. Unfortunately i didn't do core do the fact that for some reason i was SO nauseous  I didn't do anything different but for some reason when I took my NO Explode, i felt like blowing chunks. Like when i got out of my car at then gym i gagged  hard. I ended up making it come out when i got home because i hate feeling like that and i wanted to do it before i at and took my vitamins so they were not wasted. I've been noticing when i work out, i look in the mirror (naturally). It might be the endorphans talking but I'm liking the way from chest up and down my arms look. Now if only the stomach to my knees could get in line. It will come with time, proper diet (or the best my wallet can make of it), and hard work will make that happen. Its gonna hurt tomorrow but well worth it.