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  • My 2012 Eating Plan

    Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7BreakfastCereal with skim milkCereal with skim milkTwo slices seed loaf with peanut butter +rooibos tea/coffeeCereal with skim milkMuesli +low fat yoghurt2 slices seed loaf +eggToast with any toppingSnackPineappl...
    by: farhaanah on: 2012/01/10
  • Started12 week diet and exercise plan! And you are welcome to join me!

    Hey all, i've started a 12 week diet and exercise plan! And you are most welcome to come join me! Like everyone here, i'm here to lose weight, keep it off, ton up and be happy and healthy. I use to weigh 55kgs but after a spout of depression i ...
    by: Misspanda on: 2012/09/16
  • Bad Personal Trainer

    A friend of mine joined the gym the other day and as part of joining she got 2 free PT sessions. She went in tonight to receive her first session. So after the session she felt de-motivated, less inspired, and doubted she could reach her goal. ...
    by: [Former member] on: 2012/04/16
  • 15 foods that burn more calories then it contains....

    by: Tawakkal79 on: 2012/08/12
  • How I lost 35Lbs

    Hello everyone, I wanted to share my personal story on how I lost 35lbs in less than 6 months, with the fat loss factor, I was so excited that I created a youtube video about it. I want you to see it and tell me what you think
    by: fcano0071 on: 2013/07/04
  • p90x for free?

    I was searching around  youtube and I found some sites that promised to get it for free. Then, surveys... I went back to the search and found a video on youtube. This one guy uploaded all  of the p90x videos and the ones before the x in p90x ca...
    by: RavenDC on: 2012/06/29
  • Project April: Entry #1

    So! This is my first day on this website and I have decided to make a flog to keep me inspired. I will call it Project April! Every Wednesday I will take a selfie in the mirror and reflect on my exercise and overall life choices! I am super excite...
    by: QueenRose238 on: 2015/06/03
  • Weekend workout in the Alps

    This is my first FLog post in a looooong time.  The truth is, I haven't been working out regularly and my workouts had mainly consisted of riding my bicycle to work and back.  My work load has been so high that I haven't even had time to consi...
    by: Adrian on: 2012/01/30
  • Where's the APP?

    To whom this may concern, I have been very eager to work out these last couple days, especially after I found the site!  I cant wait to get working on my program!  However, I would love to see an App in the works, it would be helpful and a lot ...
    by: JarHead4Lyfe95 on: 2014/09/10
  • I lost 37 pounds!!!

    I'm so happy and excited I thought by not following the guidelines I set for myself would hurt my goals but really I just adjusted then. Instead of going on the treadmill I've been walking a mile outside in the sun and feeling good about it. I've ...
    by: alana172234 on: 2012/04/20

    I have started a 5 days a week 2 hour long fullbody workout. How long will it take for me to see results? And my desired results are a thinner appearance, to possibly loose a little weight, I weigh 150 and I'm 5 ft, id like to maybe be 130. Id lik...
    by: VictoriousLette on: 2012/11/01

    Weights session yesterday. Leg pressing 70kgs and holding the prone plank for 40s seconds now so I'm very very happy with my improvement. My upper body weights has lifted from 15kgs to 20kgs and I'm feeling the burn.   BREKKY - one banana fo...
    by: LOCOAUSSIE on: 2013/09/04
  • My Weightloss Story - From misery to success

    Ok so I wanted to share with the freetrainer community my weightloss story because it is quite a long journey and I hope that It will motivate others. The problem is that it is WAY WAY TOO LONG to put on my profile page so I decided to just put it...
    by: chriswatson06 on: 2013/01/22
  • Im back and with a vengence! :0)

    Ive made more changes in my life within the past week. I have cut out all pop, added sugar and sweets!!!! I have to admit that I feel like a junky needin their fix ughhhh. Sugar is very much an addictive substance to be avoided as much as possible...
    by: gerilynn1975 on: 2012/03/19
  • Life Changes!!

    I went through so many changes last year. My Husband left me, i dont know if it was becuase of weight or not but i feel that was the reason in my  humble opinnion. Right after he left from just depression alone i lost 40lbs, and i was super happy ...
    by: Brystensmom on: 2015/04/04
  • My New and Improved Goals

    I'm new to this site, I really haven't been on sites where I have gotten actual support. I even tried the spark people site for teens, nothing... My friends don't support me.. they just tell me I'm fine the way I am, which i'm not AT ALL.. I weigh...
    by: fat2fit98 on: 2014/02/08
  • Best way for motivation

    by: AriaMorakab on: 2013/12/27
  • Expect Change: Day1

    7 May 2012, Weight 290lbs. Completed the first days full body work out. Did it in 50 minutes,(had to read all steps between activities). Need to find something more exciting of uplifting to watch instead of news on mondays.
    by: williamhcroom3 on: 2012/05/07
  • 1 month update 💪🏾

    OK so earlier today I completed the first phase of my 3 month Mass workout. I finished a few days early since I am on my summer vacation from school so I had more time. The second phase looks tough 😮... I feel fantastic right now though 👍🏾!!! I've...
    by: Seendaddy on: 2018/07/30
  • Me & My Will!

    This is it! I'm doing it! I'm 100kgs which is 220lbs! I'm sick, tired & grumpy because my kids think daddy's stomach is a punch bag, cuddly toy and well part of life! Sorry kids, I love you all, but things have got to change. I'm taking t...
    by: ahoythere on: 2012/02/03

    So I am new just started and my first workout is tomorrow. I am 21 years old and want to get in better shape for me. I don't feel healthy and feel tired all the time. I know I need to loose wait but it's hard as a college kid with little money. I ...
    by: jinx93 on: 2014/06/26

    Well im Abel im only 25 years old. I always been a chubby guy. Jajajaja since i was a little kid. Now im married going for 2 years married. I weight 360lbs, and im starting to feel kinda sick. I truly want to loose weight, 100 pounds or more if po...
    by: abelavila on: 2013/01/18
  • Officially a MONTH

    its been a month since i started this programme . Its been such an awesome experience , i love this site so much it has helped me in so many ways. My workout contains of  45min workout 5 times a week, I do cardio 3 times a week  witrh no worko...
    by: Kikie007 on: 2012/09/10
  • Intro

    Heyy All! My Name is Vasilia and I am going to be 23 years old. The reason for me to be joining this site is to get my life on track. I have a goal to get down to a size 12 from a size 24. I know it wont be done in a day, but it is possible! I hav...
    by: vpatsourakis on: 2012/08/13
  • Getting started!! 

    Hey everybody!!!!! I'm just starting this program and I'm DYING for it To work!!!! I'm psyched about doing my workout tomorrow!!! Although I swim, play basketball, walk, and eat healthy I find it very hard to lose the extra fat on my st...
    by: SingerGirl611 on: 2012/06/24
  • Motivation; How to

    I haven’t been at this site very long, but while browsing it I have noticed that a lot of People have trouble with Motivation so I thought I would share how it works and some ideas to help you stay motivated. Motivation is the most important as...
    by: [Former member] on: 2012/04/13
  • Day 1!

    Randomly looking up sites on the internet and this one came up, to be honest I am quite sceptical. I don't have a lot of will power so I am hoping anyone out there can help me and tell me the way they stay motivated. Motivation has been a massive ...
    by: geni91 on: 2012/02/15
  • This is Fun!!!!!

    I've done my first workout today!!! I was kinda worried on how it was going to help me lose weight with only having one set for each rep. But, I felt the burn lol. I started to get nervous because apparently I'm getting the flu according to my mom...
    by: r.kaysi on: 2012/01/27
  • Cardio

    I just setup a cardio routine. It tells me what my MHR should be. But for how long should my cardio worksouts be at this heart rate? Can anyone help? Thanks
    by: chapajac on: 2012/09/10
  • Ready, Set GO!

    I shared with my close friends and family on Facebook yesterday on my Post Op Check Up.  I am finally released to start my regular routines back again after nearly 2 months.  It was a torturous 2 months, let me tell you.  Anyone who knows me, know...
    by: Ravenbeauty on: 2012/03/21
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