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Bad Personal Trainer

Posted on: 2012/04/16, 07:32 AM
A friend of mine joined the gym the other day and as part of joining she got 2 free PT sessions. She went in tonight to receive her first session.

So after the session she felt de-motivated, less inspired, and doubted she could reach her goal. First I reassured her that this was not normal and PT’s are supposed to motivate you, and help you to reach your goals then I asked her what had happened.

She said that he sat her down to talk to her about her goals but it only lasted about 2 – 5 minutes. He then proceeded to spend the next 20 mins trying to tell her that she would NOT reach her goals without him and she might as well walk out of the gym and give up if she didn’t buy his product. He said that her goals were not realistic and it would be a waste of time without him. He did not offer her any advice on exercise or nutrition. He gained no rapport or showed no compassion and made it obvious that he only cared about making money. As a result she walked out of there losing all motivation and feeling worse.

So if you are going to recruit a PT find one that inspires you and motivates you. You need one that you gel with and that genuinely cares about helping you to reach your goals. You will most likely have to pay for it, but a good PT is definitely worth it as they can motivate you in times of need, get you on track, change your exercise and nutrition plan as needed and make sure you are doing the exercises correctly so that you do not injure yourself.

Remember it’s YOUR money and they work for YOU, if you have doubts about your trainer then find a better one. Your goals are in their hands, so you want one that will help you get there and want you to succeed.


  • blue77 blue77 2014/10/11
    Totally agree with your thoughts why spend money on a lame horse.