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My New and Improved Goals

Posted on: 2014/02/08, 11:12 AM by: fat2fit98
I'm new to this site, I really haven't been on sites where I have gotten actual support. I even tried the spark people site for teens, nothing... My friends don't support me.. they just tell me I'm fine the way I am, which i'm not AT ALL.. I weigh 175 lbs, I'm 5'3" and 15 years old. And yes I know that people say you lose the weight when you get older but my doctor said I'm not growing anymore. My family forces me to eat whatever they're eating, which is either fast food or a ton of calories and unhealthy. I know everybody says that they're changing for themselves and not for how other people see them, and yes that is a lot of the reason why I'm doing this. But despite what you think, people do care what others think of them, and yes I am doing this to change how people think of me. About a year ago I lost 45 lbs.. I weighed 210 and got down to 165 and then life happened.. I got really depressed and stopped eating good and I stopped exercising and then something worse happened, I started eating to comfort myself and not because I'm hungy.. I gained 10 lbs back.. I didn't realize what I did to my body because I never weighed myself. Then one day i did, and i was disgusted to see that I gained 10 lbs.. This was my motivation to start exercising and eating right again.


  • danaburgess danaburgess 2014/02/11
    Good for you for reaching out and trying something new! And I applaud your decision to get healthy and lose weight. You are fine the way you are but there is nothing wrong with getting better than fine!! I know how depression can derail all of our best intentions. Keep at it. You will succeed as long as you keep trying.