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Me & My Will!

Posted on: 2012/02/03, 01:11 PM by: ahoythere
This is it!
  • I'm doing it!
  • I'm 100kgs which is 220lbs!
  • I'm sick, tired & grumpy because my kids think daddy's stomach is a punch bag, cuddly toy and well part of life!

Sorry kids, I love you all, but things have got to change.

I'm taking that thing off!

The belly goes tonight!

It starts right now!

Well maybe tomorrow because its 10PM now and I'm off to bed!

Watch this space!

100ks and counting...


  • TerriAnne TerriAnne 2012/02/04
    My name is Terri.I am 238 pounds and looking for someone to flog with.I also have a Wii.And I like Wii fitness plus,Wii Sports,Wii Country Line Dancing,And my newest Wii Zumba 2.They are all fun and each one has something like a Calorie counters and motivations.There is alot you can do with them. The Wii Fit Plus even has an area to setup a routine.