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Where's the APP?

Posted on: 2014/09/10, 02:37 PM by: JarHead4Lyfe95
To whom this may concern,

I have been very eager to work out these last couple days, especially after I found the site!  I cant wait to get working on my program!  However, I would love to see an App in the works, it would be helpful and a lot more efficient as far as sticking with the program or taking pictures.  Also, I couldnt help but notice that the nutrition tab said it was going to be updated in  2012... I also have a constant desire to eat healthy, however, without a program.... Im pretty terrible at being consistant!! HELP ME PLEASE! MOTIVATOR HERE TRYING TO BETTER HIMSELF!!

Motivated, and Dedicated,

LCPL Thompson, Wesley C.


  • KerriRodrig KerriRodrig 2014/09/19
    I was thinking the same thing, so I emailed them. Maybe if enough people showed interest we may get an app. feedback@freetrainers.com
  • Mr_Geezer Mr_Geezer 2014/09/11
    This place is a pilot-less plane. Nobody is home. Don't expect an app.