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I lost 37 pounds!!!

Posted on: 2012/04/20, 11:36 AM by: alana172234
I'm so happy and excited I thought by not following the guidelines I set for myself would hurt my goals but really I just adjusted then. Instead of going on the treadmill I've been walking a mile outside in the sun and feeling good about it. I've been taking my little sister out biking and rollerblading. She's really not a good modivation expert but sometimes she chears me up. I have to admit though the diet hasn't been going as wel as I'd hoped... I have been eating out alot becuase of traveling to see doctors... but I have cut way down in sweets, pastas and started considering serving sizes. They might not be exact but they are alot better than they were. I've been drinking alot of water as well as pop. Thinking I might stop drinking pop though. :) Yay! I still can't beileve I lost 37 pounds in one week.


  • alana172234 alana172234 2012/05/11
    Yeah i did i was 357 now i'm 320 and stuck there. :/ no it wasn't exactly desirable... hard to find clothesto fit me and all... but it sure did help my energy levels and mr doctor said some of it could have been water retention.
  • MC313 MC313 2012/04/25
    You sure you lost that much weight in just one week? Sounds amazing but 37pounds, that's 2 stone and 9pounds or nearly 17 kilograms .... can I ask you what are your 'before and after' weights?
  • habukhari habukhari 2012/04/22
    i dont think losing 37 pounds in one week is possible OR desirable..