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1 month update 💪🏾

Posted on: 2018/07/30, 12:42 PM by: Seendaddy
OK so earlier today I completed the first phase of my 3 month Mass workout. I finished a few days early since I am on my summer vacation from school so I had more time. The second phase looks tough 😮... I feel fantastic right now though 👍🏾!!! I've noticed minor 👀 changes with my body as far as looks go, but what makes me happier 😁 is that I've seen my lifting weights increase a lot in all areas 🏋🏾‍♂️. I am sure that's to be expected since I started on a low level but it still makes me proud to see how my muscles are adapting. I feel stronger and the development of what I'm able to lift now compared to almost 4 weeks ago is what pushes me. I no longer feel embarrassed 😳 with the weights I am working with lol.
As for how I look...I'm satisfied with how it's going. I know that if I changed my eating habits that I would probably see more of a difference, but I am hell bent on seeing this self experiment through and see how satisfied I am in 11 more months 📆.
I hope whoever reads 🤓 this is as motivated as I am...keep it up👍🏾