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Started12 week diet and exercise plan! And you are welcome to join me!

Posted on: 2012/09/16, 08:55 AM by: Misspanda
Hey all, i've started a 12 week diet and exercise plan! And you are most welcome to come join me!

Like everyone here, i'm here to lose weight, keep it off, ton up and be happy and healthy. I use to weigh 55kgs but after a spout of depression i went to 95kgs. This happened over 6 months i am ashamed to say. But i want to get my life back on track and after all my ups and downs i will.

Every week on Friday i will post my weight! My high point of each week and my low point.

Today is Sunday.
Weight = 93kgs
Height = 165cms
Age = 21

My rough diet plan is to eat 5 times a day.
Breakfast = Cereal and banana for break fast,
Snack= Yogurt
Lunch = Salad with 100 gms of tuna, chicken or Salmon.
Snack= Either, Fruit, veg,
Bran muffin.
Dinner = A mixture of soups each day.
My exercise plan is to work out at least 1 hour 5 days a week.
I got my soup recipes from
And great snack ideas from http://www.weightloss.com.au/healthy-snack-recipes.html

Dr Johntickell’s soup worked for my auntie who followed this through for 18 weeks and has now lost 45kgs =)

Let's see how i go friday!
Wish me luck and if you'd like to join me you can! Doesn't matter what diet or plan your on or how much you want to lose! Why not post your highs and lows and results each week =)