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My 2012 Eating Plan

Posted on: 2012/01/10, 05:51 AM by: farhaanah
Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7BreakfastCereal with skim milkCereal with skim milkTwo slices seed loaf with peanut butter +rooibos tea/coffeeCereal with skim milkMuesli +low fat yoghurt2 slices seed loaf +eggToast with any toppingSnackPineapple slicesOrange/nutsYogurt/fruit smoothieAny fruitNuts and fruit/lean biltongYoghurt/frozen yogurtFruit smoothieLunchWhole wheat roll, chicken breast, salad6 provita crackers and any toppingGrilled chicken wrap/ health sandwhichWhole wheat pasta with tuna mix and fat free mayo6 Provitas
2 slices cheese
1 tomatoWhole wheat roll, chicken breast burgerFillet steak, boiled and vegDinnerGrilled fish, and vegChicken, brown rice and vegLean beef curry, couscous, mix vegSeafood/chicken stir fry with riceWholewheat pasta dish- bolognaise,etcAny Low fat mealToasted whole wheat sandwhichSnackMilo with skim milkCup of lite custardFrozen yoghurtfruitMilo and skim milkCup of lite custardFrozen yoghurt, sorbet


  • george george 2012/01/10
    Excellent, it's really helpful and more productive to chart out what you eat as it's easier to follow. Thanks for sharing and setting a good example.. this is what dieting is about - planning ahead!