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I'm from South Africa and we are known for having friendly people, awesome sites and AMAZING food... hence the reason why I joined this site....

i really love good food and had never had an issue with my weight in the past. but as I got older, my metabolism got slower.... and so did the rest of my body.

I plan on shedding over 20lbs and I'm hoping to get my body back into shape before the end of 2012.

if you have any exercise or nutrition tips that will helo me shed the pounds, please do not hesitate to leave a msg on my wall.

peace out!

Goals and motivation

- burn fat...lots of it
- lose a healthy amount of weight each month
- tone my entire body
- eat healthy
- to continue living and eating healthy even after shedding the pounds

Fit wall

  • James47 James47 2012/02/04
    motivation!! we can do this together james