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Posted on: 2013/09/04, 06:25 PM by: LOCOAUSSIE
Weights session yesterday. Leg pressing 70kgs and holding the prone plank for 40s seconds now so I'm very very happy with my improvement. My upper body weights has lifted from 15kgs to 20kgs and I'm feeling the burn.  

BREKKY - one banana followed by porridge with a teaspoon of honey stirred in. One slice of raisin toast with butter. (I refuse to eat margarine, not a natural product)

I EAT PORRIDGE EVERY MORNING WITHOUT FAIL. LOVE IT. IT'S A SUPERFOOD. I don't feel hungry until 1pm when I eat the above breakfast usually around 630-730am. 

MIDMORNING SNACK - I'm eating 30kg net snack packs of roasted almonds and cranberries purchased at Coles. Sometimes I will substitute with a mandarine or a slice of watermelon.

LUNCH - 4 Vitawheat or Cruskit crackers with toppings. My toppings: avocado with tuna/sundried tuna or soft boiled egg & grinded pepper to low fat ricotta cheese topped with salmon slices or topped with tomato slices and grinded salt. Mmmmm Delicioso.


A cup of fresh daily made soup purchased from my supermarket: chicken and corn soup/pea and ham soup/minestrone

AFTERNOON SNACK - Two mandarines or mango or watermelon or 30kg net roasted almonds & cranberry snack pack

DINNER - Brown rice stir fry with leafy greens, meat sometimes prawns, sometimes lean chicken, sometimes lean beef 
                   Steamed fish and broccoli, carrots and asparagus
                   Avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and drizzled with a small can of tuna/basil or tuna/lemon pepper or tuna/sundried               tomato  and top off with balsamic vinegar.

Well tomorrow I'm going to have to do the 530am Bodystep class! YIKES!!! I have never attended a early morning class. Usually tomorrow is my Zumba night class but I am travelling to the big city for a reunion so I'm gonna have to suck it up, put on my big girls pants and act like I'm happy to be there. I usually find that if I arrive with a smile, I naturally feel happy about half way through the lesson.