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p90x for free?

Posted on: 2012/06/29, 11:33 AM by: RavenDC
I was searching around  youtube and I found some sites that promised to get it for free. Then, surveys... I went back to the search and found a video on youtube. This one guy uploaded all of the p90x videos and the ones before the x in p90x came out. The link: http://en.sevenload.com/users/ravv95

Mind everyone here that I haven't watched any of them yet to see if they are legit. Also if you want the schedule for p90x here it is: http://www.p90xworkoutschedule.org/

And the nutrition guide, need you ask?
Here it is: http://www.teambeachbody.com/home/-/dl_get_file/32ea4c06-2287-4660-8adc-8db758929d28

If these don't work, I didn't make them. Just thought I'd save some people money. Perhaps for new clothes that go with your new body? Anyway, good luck to everyone who is trying to loose weight, get fit, eat better, etc.