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Im back and with a vengence! :0)

Posted on: 2012/03/19, 08:46 PM by: gerilynn1975
Ive made more changes in my life within the past week. I have cut out all pop, added sugar and sweets!!!! I have to admit that I feel like a junky needin their fix ughhhh. Sugar is very much an addictive substance to be avoided as much as possible. Lets hope that these changes help me along this journey.


  • gerilynn1975 gerilynn1975 2012/03/21
    Thanks for the comment levans3. I use to drink 2-4 cans of diet mt dew a day! Im now 76hours without pop or sweets and ive lost 2.5lbs but more importantly i have more energy and feel sooo much better already! I treat sugar/sweets/pop as a drug or cigarettes because there is no such thing as just this one time with any of it. sending you lots of good vibes to help you on your journey :0) (btw check out loseit.com i love it!)
  • levans3 levans3 2012/03/21
    That is true. Pop is the biggest culprit in gaining weight. I've got to stop drinking pop too, or at least cutting it down to only 2 cans of pop a month. Hope it goes well for you. Good luck.