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Life Changes!!

Posted on: 2015/04/04, 10:43 AM by: Brystensmom
I went through so many changes last year. My Husband left me, i dont know if it was becuase of weight or not but i feel that was the reason in my  humble opinnion. Right after he left from just depression alone i lost 40lbs, and i was super happy about it!! but then i got comfortable and gained 20lbs right back. So now im trying to actually loose weight for real by actually working out and being healthy.  and i must say the workingout part seemed to be the easiest thing to start doing... its the healthy eating thing that i seem to have a problem with.  Im trying to saty focused and dedicated to this . I really want to change my overall appearance and gain confidence in myself. SOmething i have not had in so long... i dont know if i ever had it to be honest. SO This is my first rant. I will be in the gym today.

Oh and yeah i really do get intimidated when im at the gym loike i dont belong there or something... i huess i jsut need to get over it.. becuase eventually i will feel as if i fit in there!  ok tooodles


  • baydragyn baydragyn 2015/05/15
    Good luck, moving on starts with little steps. you have started, so you're on your way
  • network86 network86 2015/05/07
    Good for you! You have every right to feel good about yourself at the gym - you're working out instead of sitting at home and that's a good thing.