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Posted on: 2012/02/20, 03:51 PM by: msdanon1
Ok, so i'm just starting me diet/workout today. I'm not a very large person but im all soft flubber.. no muscle. I'm thinking i need some sort off fat burner or dietary supplement? Maybe vitatimins? what would you experienced folks recommend to kick off a beginner that would help boost my energy and metabolism or burn fat?


  • jdcollins1 jdcollins1 2012/02/22
    So I lost my train of thought on the last post - the energy drinks and supplements and fat burners haven't been approved by the FDA to do what the drug is claiming. With that said, the energy you gain is from working out itself. The natural hormones, testosterone, and endorphines will start to change your metabolism, energy level and attitude with just working out.
  • jdcollins1 jdcollins1 2012/02/22
    I wouldn't suggest popping pills or supplement drinks right off the bat. Most of these "fat burners" are really just liver destroyers. I would suggest talk to your doctor about a vitamin supplement if you know you're not eating properly to intake the necessary daily dose. As much as we'd love the "quick fix", the only natural way to increase energy is to "Just Do It" as Nike would say. We always dread the workout, but feel amazing afterwards. Reduce intake of sodas or energy drinks and replace with water or vitamin water. I was very active and fit until I left active duty military. Within 4 months of my usual caloric intake with no exercise, I gained 30 pounds. When I saw 50 pounds gained - I decided to get back into it. I made Fridays my "junk food day" and had pizza for dinner with a soda. I do a LOT of cardio and supplement with light weightlifting. I feel great and look better!