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Let's get started!

Posted on: 2012/01/16, 10:14 AM by: george
So today I start again.. aiming to lean up and increase my lean muscle again.

For the past year things have been extremely busy. With regular 80-100 hour work weeks, every week.. a double hernia surgery.. a new baby boy in addition to my 2 year old.. basement renovations.. being sick all the time as the youngest who is in daycare brings home all the wonderful viruses each week.. it has been tough to get into the gym and eat properly. But as challenging as all those things appear to be, it's time to make a bigger commitment too my health and squeeze it into my daily life.

I am not only getting back on track to improve my physique but primarily my overall health and well being. Regular exercise and fitness holds so many benefits and it becomes more obvious when you stop, as I have learned. For me personally, mood and energy levels drop dramatically when I become lazy.. and it's something I want nothing part of.

Even though I am still fairly lean I am far from where I should be and will aim to get back there.. and as a long terms goal for this year I would also like to get into competition shape again.. that is the challenge I enjoy the most.

Stats for today - taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach:

Weight 195.4lbs > no goal.. weight will fall where it does when I reach my BF and waist measurement goals.

17.4% BF > slight innacurrate as morning BF is always higher do to lack of liquids in your system. Evening can be +/-5% difference, so actually percentage is in the 12-15% range. However I will use this figure as a BASE to measure from. I will always measure this at the same time of the day with the same criteria of empty stomach (pre-breakfast) so I can just follow the up and down movement. That is what I will follow.. and a decrease is what we want to see and roughly 5% drop.

36.5" waist > Goal is to get this down to 31"

I will start back with weights 3-4 days a week (colds and flu permitting) and do some light cardio work as well. I will also start cutting out sugars and carbohydrates and increase the proteins, healthy fats and daily water intake to start.