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#7 One day at a time

Posted on: 2012/02/12, 12:35 PM by: CRNP
Ok-so I am finding that making this a habit is harder than I thought it would be.  Today I did 40 mins cardio then core, biceps, triceps and back.  Oh, and also took my measurements...needless to say taking my measurements sparked a little "feel bad" stuff (I still cant manage to bring myself to step on the scale).  This journey is one of physical fitness AND mental fitnes.  One of my goals is to decrease mental anguish, to be of a more peaceful mind- "radical self acceptance" some call it.  And to be honest- the mind stuff is proving harder than the physical tasks.  I have such a poor body image and self-loathing, I am my worst critic.  I am very quick to dismiss what I have/ have done and focus on my shortcommings.  My goal is to accept the unique characteristics of me and forgive myself for my faults, this does NOT translate to accepting unhealthy dysfunction.  I will focus on my accomplishments and take this one day at a time.  Today I worked out-produced some endorphines; I gave my body healthy fuel and avoided toxic behaviors. Today is a good day and I will take it!


  • [Former member] 2012/02/12
    I don't know if you recently started working out but if you've been lifting only a few months there is something that you need to understand. After a month of lifting you've started building some muscle. That muscle will tend to push out the overlaying fatty tissue and actually make your measurements increase. Additionally gaining weight in the beginning is normal because the muscle is less mass on your body. It's a numbers game. Work your diet, count your calories and stick to it. You will win in the long run. How do you feel?