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The Firm Express - thin in 30 - Day 1

Posted on: 2012/01/07, 09:39 AM by: CosmicWitch
This week i've been keeping a calorie count, watching what I'm eating and the portions. I've cut out soda and have only had 8 ounces one day this week. I haven't been exercising at all this week, until today.

I started the firm express thin in 30 program, so today is day one of cycle 1, cardio and sculpt. The idea is to do it every other day, and at first I wondered why. It's a 20 minute exercise why not do it everyday? Frankly, because you'll burn out if you're just beginning (like I am). I haven't exercised since highschool and that was about  seven years ago >.< 

The exercise was pretty intensive and a bit hard to keep up with. I think i'll just be sticking to the 1st dvd for the next few days until I really start to get it, I'm in no way to move up to the others just yet. Like I mentioned before it's a 20 minute workout, and within four minutes of it I was already dripping sweat. I only lasted 16 minutes before I felt entirely out of breath and dehydrated and had to stop. I watched the rest of the video while trying to catch my breath. This program does require you to use weights but if you go to five n below you can get a pair of weights for 3-5$ (which I don't think is bad). You start with whatever you're comfortable with and gradually move up, or stay with what you're comfortable with throughout the whole program. There are four programs 3 for each week of the month, each one is different but the intensity changes with each. I think that's what's so good about the program and has gotten people some results. 

It's been over 20 minutes since I stopped exercising and I still feel out of breath, I've at least stopped sweating as badly as I was a few minutes ago lol. 

After the workout I actually ate some oatmeal. However, my grandfather prepared it and put it in a big bowl and I have no idea how many cups it was, so I ended up only eating about half of it and drinking a lot of water. I actually feel pretty energetic right now and feel good about myself :D

I've weighed in just to check myself and just by cutting down on the stuff I've been eating, taking what I like into moderation I've lost 1 pound, not enough but something is good, especially for just the first few days. So from 220 to 219 in just four days is a lot of progress for me. However I'm well aware that it's most likely water weight and that some time later in the month that it will be more difficult to lose all those extra pounds that have accumulated onto my body over the years. I've come to terms with the fact that it will take time, but I want long lasting results so I'll continue to plow through diet and exercise to make myself healthier. 

I've measured myself and my current measurments are as follows:

neck: 15
arm: 15
Bust:  47
stomach/waist: 43
hips: 50
upper thigh : 29
lower thigh:  23

I want my final measurements to be 

neck: 13
arm: 13-10
Bust:  47 (I kinda like where that is now lol)
stomach/waist: 33 or smaller
hips: 40 and below
upper thigh : 20-23
lower thigh:  14 maybe... idk. 

I'm setting my goal to 180 for now, my real goal is to be at 150-140 since I'm 5' 4''. I think I can do it. No, I know I can do it. This isn't for anyone else, this is for me and my health. I know my final goal weight will take some time and I'm up to that challenge, I just have to stay motivated and ready to kick my own ass into gear. If I can be a perfectionist in all that I've done then I can be a perfectionist with my health. I know it's not realistic to say that I'm going to make myself loose 10-20 pounds in a month, I know that's not going to happen, if it does then hell that's awesome, but if it doesn't I'm not going to go cry over it and stop what I'm doing and go back to how I was. Anyway, I think I've typed enough.

Onward to Awesomeness,