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Lost some inches...Yay!

Posted on: 2012/01/05, 10:44 AM by: mztaly24
I stumbled upon freetrainers.com December 28, 2011. I started doing the at home program that same day. I've been consistant in doing the strength training every other day since that time, in addition to a diet. As of Monday, Jan 2, I've lost half inch off my waist and hips...it might not seem like a lot but that motivates me. Just think at this pace and consistancy I will have lost 3 inches by first week of Feb. I'm also trying to increase my cardio to help aide in the weight and inches loss.

Here is my goal by weekend of Feb 18 (I'm going to a marriage retreat and want to look good for my husband).

Current Weight 215 lbs - Goal weight 200 lbs
Current waist 40.5 inches - Goal waist is 36 inches
Current hip 47.5 - Goal hip 43 inches


  • mztaly24 mztaly24 2012/01/05
  • george george 2012/01/05
    Excellent .. keep up the great work!