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Posted on: 2012/05/30, 01:39 PM by: Allisonlynn614
I first want to start off by inttroducing myself.  My name is Allison, I am 27, going to be 28 on June 14th (oh god) and Sunday was the first day of my whole life I ever stepped foot into a gym. To be completely honest, I did not plan on working out. I just want the 20 dollar membership so I could go tanning. 20 dollars one month of unlimited tanning is worth it. Long story short I decided to get on a bike. Something clicked in me while I was usine my first piece of gym equipment and I felt great! I have been there every day since, and I have a guy friend who goes with me to guide me along the way.  In highschool I weighed 165, (im 5'9) I was built amazing. I kind of let myself go and three years ago i was 185. I carry it well because of my height but I still didnt like it. I weigh 158 now and my goal is not to loose any weight, maybe a few pounds wouldnt be that bad, but my goal is to tone up. I was a swimmer in high school and half of college so that helped me stay in great shape and that is the body I am aiming for again. The only part of my swimmers body I do not want back are my big wide shoulders. I actually got teased because I looked like a line backer.  Finally these are the things I am confused about (remember I never was on a diet or exercised in my life, swimming was fun to me and I was good at it so I do not count that) 1. Should I diet as well as go to the gym?  I have very bad eating habits. I do not eat anything healthy. One of my guy friends told me I should be 600 pounds for the way I eat and do no excercise.  2. What are the best pieces of equipment to use to work your thighs, butt, and stomach? 3. I am trying to keep a journal of calories I burned and they use hours and minutes as part of the equation. Does anyone know an equation for lifting weights? for example you lift 60 pounds above your head 15 times and do 5 sets of that. I googled that one for seriously four house at work. I wanted to ask all the members who are actually doing the work to and have their own personal stories instead of emailing a professional.  One last question; does anyone know of any good smart phone apps that help record your workouts and your goals? I downloaded Tap and Track Food and Excercise, it was 3.99 and not really worth it. Sorry if I bored anyone. I am happy to start this experience and if anyone lives in Philadelphia you can join me and the gym and then for some tanning afterwards.  I am skipping the gym today and going to the pool. 64 laps is a mile and I want to practice to work up to that again so I can raise money for cancer doing the mile ocean swim in Ocean City. I am gonna start out slow, probably between 20 and 30 laps tonight, Wish me Luck!!