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Help! :)

Posted on: 2013/07/24, 05:58 PM by: mandykavanagh29
So this is my first time using this site and I'm having trouble with the nutrition section! I'm unable to get into the meal plans or even my meal plans? is everyone's like this because it says it was being fixed or something! help please :)


  • mandykavanagh29 mandykavanagh29 2013/07/30
    I still don't have any luck, I'm assuming that part is still "under construction" but I'm not sure!
  • chelsea27lynn chelsea27lynn 2013/07/29
    I'm having the same problem! I can only get the first "general" link to work in that section
  • purpletulip purpletulip 2013/07/27
    So am I. Just signed up today. I can get the exercise plan. Any luck getting it to work?