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Posted on: 2012/01/19, 12:20 AM by: RachelSherine
I love my best friend. I love her children. I even love the jerk she is going to marry. I, however, decided today that she is NOT going to be my go-to person for a support system. She has a whole crazy hectic life and my weight loss journey is just not going to fit into that life.

Trying to do Zumba on the Kinect today with her two children running around was not an easy task. And because her soon-to-be husband had to go to work unexpectedly early, we did ONE five minute session of Zumba and maybe 10 minutes of Kinect Adventures. Not quite the exercise plan I had for the day.

We went to Subway for dinner, just the two of us, which was a welcomed departure from the insanity of her life. My best friend, the bride behind the wedding weight loss plans, is not fat. That doesn't keep her from complaining about her weight or more precisely her baby weight. She says she wants to lose 30 pounds before her wedding. I thought it would be a great bonding experience for us to try to lose weight together in preparation for her pending nuptials. I ordered my now stand-by 650 calorie footlong. That skank, god love her, ordered a chicken bacon ranch sub. Dear god, does that sound good! Her SIX inch sub had 610 calories! I suppose I should look at it that she only got a six inch. But in my mind, I want to eat as much as I can for as few calories as possible. She's the skinny one, so maybe I shouldn't begrudge her for this one.

As I mentioned before, I LOVE my best friend. We are 27 and can easily say we've been best friends for 27 years, whether we liked it or not. I think she might be my biggest Saboteur. I'm on the fence on whether or not she even intended to work out with me today or thought I would show up and we'd end up eating ice cream and gossiping. I think I'm going to have to prove to her that I'm serious about this. I'm focused. I'm determined.