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Newbie here getting back into it!

Posted on: 2017/06/22, 10:39 AM by: bluetulip21
Hey everyone!
I'm new here and I love this site!
Back in my 20s (34 now) I was 220 and dropped to 150 by doing small exercises and eating better.
Well, I gained almost all that back 203 lbs now. Recently diagnosed with MS...it kinda put things in perspective and how I need to seriously drop the weight, gain muscle and flexibility, and eat healthy not better ;)
Been doing yoga for a month an half now decided to start doing something more. 
The eating healthy on a budget is going alright. But this site I love it's layout for workouts and truly believe this combined with yoga youtube workouts, good eating and positive attitude I will not only drop the wieght/tone up but kick MS in the teeth! 

Here's to taking control of our lives and not letting anything knock us down!!!!