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Looking for HELP!

Posted on: 2012/01/21, 02:43 PM by: Zander03
Im an 18 year old guy standing tall at 5'10, and weighing in at a whopping 140lbs. Im quite skinny except for a bit of a belly, and legs that could be toned. My arms are tone, could use some size, but im not complaining. ANYWAYS, Last summer I did 45 days of the workout program P90x, but unfortunately I saw no results, Its a pretty intense workout and after the halfway mark seeing no results I somewhat lost motivation. This is my first day on the site, So asking questions here might be pointless, But im looking for someone to tell me what to do.
Im uneducated in terms of nutrition, So any comments are appreciated.

Basically, How can I lose this belly, and maximize results from workouts. (lose fat, build muscle)..a few motivational comments would always be welcome as well ;)