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And it Begins...

Posted on: 2014/10/05, 04:17 PM by: JasmineZ
Hello whoever is reading this! This Flog is more for myself as a documentation of my weight loss journey, but I am posting this up in hopes to inspire or connect with others too!I just stumbled upon this website while I was searching for a personal trainer. I have been playing around with this website and the resources provided are amazing! I hate going to the gym with a list of weight training exercises and have NO CLUE if I'm doing them right! I just made a calendar schedule and it has explanations of how to correctly perform these exercises (AMAZING)! A little background info about me:I have been on my weight loss journey since the beginning of Spring 2014 when I decided to join a small 24-hour gym. I have lost about 15-20 lbs from regular exercise and eating healthier. Through this journey, I have learned that there is no simple way of losing weight; its a life style change. Every now and then, I am so tempted to try out weight loss pills and other "magical" pills that help shed the weight within weeks, but I always stop myself. I know these are just fads that result in temporary weight loss. This past 2 weeks I have faced obstacles that has made my workout schedule all-out-of-whack...so thankfully I have found this website!


  • kenmarvi kenmarvi 2014/10/07
    I can truly relate. Thanks for sharing. I cannot agree more that it is a lifestyle change and there is no shortcut to weight loss but through proper diet and regular religious exercise.