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What am I doing to myself?

Posted on: 2012/01/19, 09:40 AM by: crushedgoddess
I keep saying that I am going to lose this weight. I have all the motivating factors I could possibly have, but my will is weak. I plan high lean protein meals and do not keep junk food in the house. But, I crave carbs all the time. I have not eliminated carbs from my diet but I have reduced them and I have changed many starchs to healthier options. I actually prefer brown rice over white, wheat bread over white, and whole wheat pasta over regualr pasta. But my body wants more. Is it my body or is it my brain focusing on old habits? I crave sugar even though I try to avoid it as best I can. My coffee not longer has sugar in it, I use Truvia instead. When I go to the gas station or some other similiar store though, the candy bars scream my name. I know better but sometimes that chocolate just wins. Why do I continue to put food in my mouth that I know will only hinder my goals? Why am I having such a hard time getting myself away from foods that I know are just empty calories? Why am I having such a hard time getting myself motivated to do anything? This is so frustrating. If only it was as easy to lose the weight as it was to put the weight on. I know that I can not give up, I know that even if I slip today, there is always tomorrow but sometimes I look in the mirror and am disappointed at myself for not being stronger, for allowing my body to become what it has, for just being me.


  • Cermakovia Cermakovia 2012/01/19
    Keep in mind that your body actually goes through withdrawl from sugar. The first week or two are always the hardest. If you slip and have something you start back at square one. Just keep telling yourself that if you get through this it will get easier. It will, your body will get used to the other forms of fuel. Sugar is quick and easy for your body to process. Also try having 6 smaller healthy meals (or breakfast, lunch, dinner and 3 snacks.) This way your blood sugar doesn't dip and give you that craving for instant fuel - sugar. I always tell myself eat a healthy filling meal first and if I am still craving after I will have some real fruit frozen yogurt or another healthy treat. Keep trying, you CAN do this!
  • wendy1967 wendy1967 2012/01/19
    I know how you feel but my situation is a bit different...I don't eat or drink enough to lose any weight...I have to remind myself to drink through out the day with an alarm on my cell...its horrible when you are so focused on what you want but it is so darn hard to accomplish it...keep trying...thats what I tell myself...