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Im really sore

Posted on: 2012/11/01, 06:46 PM by: VictoriousLette
I am in alot of pain. Does anyone know how to relive pain from working out? My boyfriend is tired of rubing my sore areas... I really want to workout but simple movements hurt even. It took me forever to do my hair and makeup because my arms hurt when I raise them. My legs and abs hurt to.


  • [Former member] 2012/11/02
    The fastest way to get past soreness is another workout. It will get better each day. Also try light days after heavy. Hang in there.
  • VictoriousLette VictoriousLette 2012/11/02
    Great advice! Thanks!
  • movingE movingE 2012/11/02
    One of the best ways I found to relieve muscle pain and tightness is to foam roll. Get a foam roller and lie on it with the muscles that hurt, and just kind of move your body over the roller slowly. It will hurt at first, but afterwards you should be in less pain and move more freely. Another item to use is a softball. It is like a deep massage you can do yourself.