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Loosing The Belly

Posted on: 2012/05/05, 08:06 AM by: christy3297
I am seriously at the end of my rope and want to cry :( I have lost fifty pounds in the past five months..going from 193 to 155 and from a sz 14 to a sz 8. My goal weight is 125..This is my problem I have had three children and my belly isnt going anywhere!! well it has gone down from before I know, but I have a gut!!! and a muffin top that is seriously making me very depressed, and sometimes I just wanna give up! I dont know what im doing wrong, I eat very healthy, lean meats, veggies, proteins, fruit( i looove my fruit, because i have always had a bit of a sweet tooth) I dont drink soda at all!!! I drink water and green tea with stevia and lemon, I also eat a diet rich in lowfat dairy, and omega 3 fatty acids, like salmon and almonds!! I also work out 30 min a day six days a week, doing resistance training, Zumba, and core strenghining exercises(thinking it would help my gut! I have even had friends tease me because I always get the salad when we go out, and dont drink alchohol and they are always like ( i dont know why you try you still have a gut!) very depressing,I am seriously depressed. I look at myselfe and  cry, I still cant wear the cute cloths i want cuz of my belly, how could I have come so far and still feel this miserable :( PLEASE HELP!!!


  • Nan0127 Nan0127 2012/05/08
    I know how you feel. Keep working on it. Dr. Oz recommended some foods to help burn belly fat. Check out his website. I hope this helps