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Will Power, First Day

Posted on: 2012/04/28, 03:12 AM by: sboo26
YesterDay was my first day. I signed up yesterday and completed my first work out. Im sorta Worried. I dont want to get off track and stop doing this. and i really dont know what kind of food is okay to eat. Im over a hundred pounds over what my weight should be. I really want to stick to this and start living a healthier more fulfilling life.


  • stiu662 stiu662 2012/04/28
    sboo26, read the general nutrition guide under the nutrition tab. It is a pretty good outline on what you should be doing and eating in order to lose weight. Make sure you read through all of the tabs. Best of luck!!
  • cnacedo cnacedo 2012/04/28
    Eat green leafy veggies, fruits, whole grains, and drink water. Drinking calories is a lot of people's downfall. Try to cut out as much porcessed food as possible. Obviously "junk food" is junk. I say if you like dessert, try to change it slowly into something a little better and don't overindulge. When I was in my best shape I still ate a brownie when I wanted one, but I generally eat pretty well. I love fruits veggies, chicken, fish, wild rice... but I also love chocolate. If you are being to hard on yourself you will fail. This is not a diet, but a change of lifestyle. Make sure to never have junk food in your house. And fried anything is bad. Not just for your heart, but your brain. =] Good luck!