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Motivation needed

Posted on: 2014/01/16, 12:31 PM by: sexycc
I signed up for the gym on Tuesday and here is Thursday and stil have not gone...I always feel so tired after an 8 hour shift and then going home making sure I feed my 3 kids and any other household duties...By the time comes I am so tired...Does anyone know how I can be and stay motivated...


  • Girl_On_Fire Girl_On_Fire 2014/01/20
    Think of it this way, it's harder to not be able to do the things you love such as play and run around with your kids because you're unhealthy and unmotivated, than it is to go to the gym, get it over with, and get healthy again. It's harder to not be able to do things than it is to do something you don't want to do. Also you may want to try a dietbet......then you will be motivated to get your money. www.DietBet.com Try It!! It helped me get motivated!!! Hope this helped :D You Can Do It.
  • blue77 blue77 2014/01/17
    I think you should work out early in the morning that way you have it out of the way and still have energy for work.
  • danaburgess danaburgess 2014/01/17
    Motivation is always the enemy! One of the things I do - and you may think I'm insane but it works for me - is visualize. First I decide on a day and time I will go to the gym. Then, in the days leading up to that day, I will visualize myself at the gym working out. When the day comes, it just seems natural to get my stuff together and go. I find I'm much less resistant. Also - having a partner helps or someone who will hold you accountable - even a friend or family far away can email you and remind you to go or get the report of how you did. Just my 2 cents. Good luck.