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The Beginning- Day One

Posted on: 2012/09/12, 08:26 PM by: Astarz4
I worked out for 20 min. today. I have also managed to eat healthier by reducing my portion sizes, and choosing better food options.

This is my third day of consistantly walking on the treadmill at a fast pace, and I am proud of myself for getting up and making the effort! I am also proud of myself for increasing my water intake, instead of drinking pop and coffee all day long.

Overall, I just feel happier. My mood is better, I feel more optimistic, and I am already seeing results on the scale! Also, in addition, my back pain has gotten SO much better. For that, I am truly grateful.

I am proud of myself for not letting my anxiety/depression get the best of me today, even though I very easily could have. I am proud of myself for the changes I have recently made in my life, changes that will only continue to better me.

Most of all, I pray that I continue on this (healthier) path!
I know failure will happen from to time, but I'm not going to give up. I will just pick myself back up and carry on as if nothing happened! 


  • greenarrow13 greenarrow13 2012/09/23
    That's awesome! You have a great (and realistic) attitude. Good job and keep up the good work. I know you can do this.
  • Misspanda Misspanda 2012/09/16
    Well done =) I believe you can do this! Keep it up and we will all be here for you!