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  • Cardio Workout Saturday

    0-1 (jog/run) : 5 speed 0 incline 1-2 run: 6 speed 0 incline 2-2:30: side shuffle on the left 2 speed 0 incline 2:30-3:00 walk back words 2 speed 0 incline 3-3:30: side shuffle 2 speed 0 incline 3:30-4:00 walk backwords 2 speed 0 incline 4-5...
    by: sahira915 on: 2020/10/07
  • Back into it

    First time back in a gym after over 3 years. Lots of weight to lose and need to regain some sort of a decent body again.
    by: David1322 on: 2020/10/06
  • Feeling Good

    I have been doing my intermitten fasting now for 11 days. Being CAREFUL on my eatting time. staying away from sweets. My down fall. As a treat during eat time i bought some yougart covered raisens and cranberries.  My workout schedule is 2 days o...
    by: SusanB1957 on: 2020/10/02
  • Day one

    OK, here goes. On my tone and weight loss journey! Pray it's my last!!
    by: SusanB1957 on: 2020/09/29
  • First at home workout

    I need to get some small weights to do some of the arm workouts. Also haven't eaten today so I'm a bit light headed. Will not be doing that again.
    by: c_hembree95 on: 2020/07/14
  • Officially one week

    Scale is saying I’ve gained 3 pounds. I don’t know how I feel about this yet •_•
    by: Shanica on: 2020/06/29
  • Day 1 ( rest day)

    So today I’ve decided to finally do something about my body. I had a baby last year and since then I’ve been avoiding all reflective surfaces... let’s see how this goes. 5’0 110lbs
    by: Shanica on: 2020/06/20
  • Test

    by: Greg_How on: 2020/06/16
  • June 16, 2020

    I feel like this morning I didn’t really eat that well, but for lunch it was a lot better. For dinner I’m eating out where it's very greasy and carb-y, so I’m not exactly eating the best today.
    by: jellyellieg on: 2020/06/16
  • Kadie Digiuseppe - June 3rd 2020

    Yesterday I walked the entire Ocean City boardwalk with my sister, mom and friend Alyssa. It felt good because I haven't walked that much in a while. I like walking especially in places like the boardwalk because theres always something new. It's ...
    by: kdigi529 on: 2020/06/03
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