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  • In the gym on my own for the first time

    45 min excercise 10 on a trackmill Legs: 2 sets 15 reps of Bench press 2 sets 20 reps of outer thigh press 3 sets 20 reps of inner thigh press 2x20 reps of calf rises Shoulders'n'arms: 2x20 reps of biceps 2x20 reps of triceps 2x20 ...
    by: skisosiil on: 2018/08/09
  • 1St day

    I did my first workout today, I feel great physically and mentally. Im proud of myself for actually putting in the effort. Although it may be hard, Id rather choose to workout hard than be fat hard.
    by: Ambria97 on: 2018/08/04
  • July 3 workout on 7/31/18

    Returning from vacation so I expect some soreness!
    by: KerriG01 on: 2018/07/31
  • 1 month update 💪🏾

    OK so earlier today I completed the first phase of my 3 month Mass workout. I finished a few days early since I am on my summer vacation from school so I had more time. The second phase looks tough 😮... I feel fantastic right now though 👍🏾!!! I've...
    by: Seendaddy on: 2018/07/30
  • Prep Day

    Going to start the circuit training tomorrow !! currently 160lbs! got to lose fat and weigh at least 152lbs... #nopainnogain
    by: Jenny1796 on: 2018/07/29
  • I need tips for weight loss!!

    I am 15 and I weigh 90 kgs. I don't have a full round tummy but huge thighs..
    by: 21donjon on: 2018/07/29
  • Day 2

    I did my 2nd day i worked on treadmill for 11 min. Did alil stomach work with ball Feeling pretty good. Goning to keep going not give up
    by: Dc2015 on: 2018/07/27
  • Day 1

    Okay Ronan Today is the first day of you growing up and becoming a much more productive person in every stretch. it is the 25th of July 2018 and you are home one day from Canada. You need to sort your life out and excercise is going to become a p...
    by: RonanCullen on: 2018/07/25
  • Day One

    First workout today. First smoothie with spinach. First Day off the tobacco. Let's do it.
    by: nickdaly95 on: 2018/07/20
  • Getting Started

    I plan to start getting myself fit and in shape tomorrow with a walk and progressing to full sprint by the end of the year. I am not in anyway fit or in good shape. I can't sprint for over a minute without being out of breath but hopefully this Fl...
    by: nickdaly95 on: 2018/07/19
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