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  • Kadie Digiuseppe - June 1st 2020

    These past two days have been very productive for me and my phyical activity. Yesterday me and my sister played in the ocean, threw a softball, took a walk and played some field hockey at the beach. This morning, I went for a mile jog and listened...
    by: kdigi529 on: 2020/06/01
  • Running Part 2

    Alright, so the saga continues with my battle against running. Slept through my alarm at 0630, but to be honest I don't blame myself, I went to bed around 0130. I will still run today, once again I have to remind myself that I shouldn't worry abou...
    by: RobFoxSocks on: 2020/05/31
  • Location

    Today, I have finally gotten back into kettlebell training. I NEED TO RUN HOLY SHIT. I set my alarm for 0630 and I fully intend of getting up and going for a jog. It has been too easy to shy away from the pain of running. Honestly, its more the pa...
    by: RobFoxSocks on: 2020/05/30
  • First Day of Working Out

    First workout. Kinda sore and lactic acid buildup. Hopefully get used to it tomorrow!
    by: crnishu on: 2020/05/30
  • Day 15

    Upping ab reps even a little more because they are feeling easier. Need to start doing more cardio. Shoulder exercises still feel challenging, but are doable. Back exercises feel good. Noticed my arms look tone today which made me feel good :)
    by: shattucc on: 2020/05/28
  • Kadie Digiuseppe - May 28th 2020

    Yesterday, I was a lazy bum. Yeah I was. I really didn't do a whole bunch of physical activity. We went to the beach again and the only phyical activity that I did was throw around a football with my sister. I was tired though from all the other d...
    by: kdigi529 on: 2020/05/28
  • Day 14

    Everything felt good today. Finally did cardio again. For deadlifts I used the 45lb weight only again. I still felt like it hurt my back again but that might just be related to going up in weight, and I really need to do more then the bar. All e...
    by: shattucc on: 2020/05/26
  • Kadie Digiuseppe - May 26th 2020

    This morning I got up at 9:30 and did my workouts. I also streched my muscles that I used yesterday. Yesterday me and my family went down the beach and got a lot of exercise. It worked out my arms and legs because I was boogie boarding, running fo...
    by: kdigi529 on: 2020/05/26
  • Day 13

    Very unmotivated today and did workout late at night. Did ab reps between chest reps, no cardio. Chest exercises felt the easiest they ever have, which is very encouraging. I didn't need to break during any of my reps and I think thats a first!
    by: shattucc on: 2020/05/25
  • This past week

    So that ruck took me out for like a whole week. My heels still have not healed fully. Online summer classes have started and adjusting to that, plus that ruck, has thrown me off of my work out groove. I decided to switch my pullup up plan to GTG (...
    by: RobFoxSocks on: 2020/05/25
  • Day 12

    Very unmotivated today. Worked out a day late and still didn't want to do it. Didn't do abs or cardio. Focused well on arm workouts though.
    by: shattucc on: 2020/05/23
  • Day 11

    Did most of the workout outside for a change of scenery. No cardio but felt good.
    by: shattucc on: 2020/05/22
  • 3 days on!

    We did it! We went for 3 days. Feeling very motivated and good. Already lost 2 lbs.
    by: kaylahhampton1 on: 2020/05/21
  • Kadie Digiuseppe - May 21st 2020

    Yesterday was my cousin Lindsay's birthday. We went over their house and don't worry, we stayed our distance. They have a huge backyard. Some people say my backyard is huge but they really only get the tip of the iceberg. Me and my sister get bore...
    by: kdigi529 on: 2020/05/21
  • Day 10

    Definitely need to find a way to increase weight for lower body barbell exercises. Tried using just the 45lb weight for deadlifts but I felt like I was sacrificing form because it hurt my back. But I did ALL of the lunges without breaks!!! It was...
    by: shattucc on: 2020/05/19
  • Kadie Digiuseppe - May 19th 2020

    This weekend I was outside a lot but I didn't really ever get the chance to do something physical to get my blood pumping. So after I was done being outside, I would do my workout. I feel like everyday it gets easier. I really think this is working.
    by: kdigi529 on: 2020/05/19
  • Beginning 5/18/2020

    We going places
    by: BrianArata on: 2020/05/18
  • Day 9

    Still doing more reps on abs with cardio between. Planks instead of twisting crunches. Lifting felt good but hard. On chest presses need to focus on bring bar to chest and using chest to lift.
    by: shattucc on: 2020/05/18
  • Getting back into it.

    Tomorrow is the day, all the gyms are opening as the stay-at-home order in Arizona is lifted. I am excited to get back into it, but I am worried that I will not stay motivated. I just joined EOS fitness a couple days ago, and before the pandemic I...
    by: kaylahhampton1 on: 2020/05/17
  • Ruck

    Yesterday I went on a 5 mile ruck w/ 40lbs in my combat boots. The blisters I got are ridiculous. I am out of commision for most shoes for a long while. It was supposed to be my rest day but I figured it wouldn't be that bad. Boy, was I wrong.
    by: RobFoxSocks on: 2020/05/17
  • Day 8

    Did arms a day late. Stuck with dumbells today, really felt it in my tricepts, felt good.
    by: shattucc on: 2020/05/16
  • Relaxed Day

    All I did today was a push day w/ Kettlebells and pushups, along with a pullup workout. Tomorrow I really want to run but I keep getting in a self defeating cycle with that. I'm going to stop trying to run for time and go back to what I used to do...
    by: RobFoxSocks on: 2020/05/15
  • Kadie Digiuseppe - May 15th 2020

    Yesterday I did a lot of phyisical activity. It was fun though ad I really like the days that it is nice enough for me to get outside and play. Yesterday, me and my sister played some field hockey for almost 45 minutes but I was really suprised at...
    by: kdigi529 on: 2020/05/15
  • Yesterday and Today

    Yesterday I hit kettlebell, pullup, resistance band, and hill workouts.  Today I did kettlebell, resistence band, and a jog.  This morning my weight was 146.00lb down from 150ish just a week ago. Cutting carbs is always the right move. Most ...
    by: RobFoxSocks on: 2020/05/14
  • Day 7

    Kept ab reps up and cardio between reps Had to use 5 lb weight for most of the shoulder exercises. Feel like I could do more but not quite 10lb without sacrificing form. Back exercises felt good, 10 lbs and barbell are good weights right now. Ne...
    by: shattucc on: 2020/05/14
  • Kadie Digiuseppe - May 13th 2020

    This week for me has been really busy and if I'm going to be completely hoest I haven't worked out since Monday and today is Wednesday. Today is also my grandmothers birthday and me and my family went down the shore to celebrate it. Later this wee...
    by: kdigi529 on: 2020/05/13
  • Today's workout

    I finally made myself run today. It was horrible, and that is why I need to keep doing it. Less than 2 miles and my pacing was terrible. I started at a 7:39 pace and ended at almost a 10:00 pace. I'm just happy that I did it. Other than that I did...
    by: RobFoxSocks on: 2020/05/12
  • Day 6

    Still trying to up reps on core and incorporate cardio, still too cold to run outside. Doing 1 min planks instead of twist crunches (maybe I should just do both?). Legs felt a little easier this week. Feel like I improved my form with squats by b...
    by: shattucc on: 2020/05/12
  • Today's workout

    Today I did a kettlebell, pullup, and bodyweight + resistance band workout. I feel pretty sore everywhere. When my body adapts this regimine will pay off really nicely. Tomorrow I am going to force myself to run.
    by: RobFoxSocks on: 2020/05/11
  • Day 5

    Chest and core. Arms still sore from friday, reduced weights.
    by: shattucc on: 2020/05/11
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