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  • Feb

    Jan 138 Feb 135
    by: TK0225 on: 2019/02/03
  • Second week

    Complete fail this week and also the end of Jan. Did meal prep too but didn't get through it. Going to try again this week esp since the beginning of another month. Will keep up with this routine everyday and try to walk as well. Fast between 1pm ...
    by: TK0225 on: 2019/02/03
  • Back/Bi

    Seated cable rows- 40lb-20-16-14-12 Lat pull downs-40lb- 20-16-14-12 Cable curls- 10lb- 20-16-14-12 Stiff leg deadlifts-bar 20-16-14-12 Barbell shrugs 20lb- 20-16-14-12 Barbell curls- 20lb 20-16-14-12 Abs
    by: ezimm93 on: 2019/02/02
  • Day 1

    For the past month, I have really been working on my portion control and eating more appropriate foods.  I have increased my workout schedule to really include more cardio as I really focused on the weights more than anything.  This past month has...
    by: kschwent on: 2019/01/31
  • Legs

    Leg press- 25lb. 20-16-14-12-10 (do 30lb next time) Adductor superset with with abductor- 40lb 20-16-14-12 Leg curls or weighted lunges- I did curls 20lb 20-16-14-12 Hack squats just the bar 20-16-14-12 Calves Abs 35s plank, 20s s...
    by: ezimm93 on: 2019/01/30
  • Shoulder 1/29/19

    Same as 1/26
    by: ezimm93 on: 2019/01/29
  • 1/28/2019

    It's 2019 already!!  Been away from working out since August 23rd.  that was the day our 5th was born!!  He's doing well.  It felt good to hit the gym!! Did a little bit of everything for upper body to ease back into it. Machine Bench Ma...
    by: Jac48 on: 2019/01/28
  • Week 1

    149 lb Alternative workout today Clamshells 12 Leg lifts 8 Fire hydrants 8 Donkey Kick 12 Laternal Bands Steps 5 (3 R, 3L) Banded Walks 20 Supermans 5 Hip Bridge Pulses (20) Light/medium band
    by: bhess90 on: 2019/01/26
  • Shoulders

    Lat raises -5lb 20-16-14-12 Seated shoulder press- 10lb 20-16-14-12 Rowing machine- no weight 20-16-14-12 Behind the neck barbell press 20lb 20-14-12-10 (next time do 16-14-12-10) Trap pull ups 20lb 20-16-14-12 Cable crunches 50 lbs 20-16-14...
    by: ezimm93 on: 2019/01/26
  • Overtime is over so starting my new workout program

    So we decided to go from a 10 hour day work week to a nine-hour day work week. This is going to allow me to start actually working out again. Bridget the hours that I work are not the most easy to workout hours however with a little determination ...
    by: Kytten76 on: 2019/01/26
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