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This past week

Posted on: 2020/05/25, 10:42 AM by: RobFoxSocks
So that ruck took me out for like a whole week. My heels still have not healed fully. Online summer classes have started and adjusting to that, plus that ruck, has thrown me off of my work out groove. I decided to switch my pullup up plan to GTG (grease the groove), so I am not really tracking the reps that I am doing, I just do 1-2 pullups, negatives, and partials, every time I think about it. It actually seems to be working quite well, I got to 2 full chest to bar pullups plus a third that wasn't quite chest to bar. Anyway, I'm quite happy about that but I haven done any other workouts past that, which I am not that happy about. I physically can't run because of my heels for the time being, but I can still do calisthenics and kettelbell work.