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Getting Started... Again

Posted on: 2020/06/01, 12:51 PM by: kobrien1
I am a person who likes to think of themselves as a better than average athlete. When I focus in on my workout program I go full tilt until I reach my goal. The problem I have is I fall just as fast and all my progress goes away and them some. So today marks my first time back in the gym since pre-Covid and it was good. I feel like I got my heart rate in a good range and pushed through some issues that I had with the muscle group I was working out. Here is my probelm. I need to add extra cardio, but I find every excuse not to get on a bike or go out and run. The way I am built I should not weigh over 250 and yet here I am at 274 right now. I am hoping to stay on task this time, but I like food too much and I hate running. I will use this "FLog" as a way to keep accountablity, but I do know that it may not be enough unless I have someone with me on this journey. So day one was soild here is hoping I can do it again tomorrow.