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joining note

Posted on: 2020/06/09, 06:32 PM by: sof12
S.W: 66kg
C.W: 61kg


At the beginning of May I weight myself and I was 66kg. I had not felt comfortable in my body for a while and lately I have felt lethatgic, low energy, and unmotivated. It was clear that it was time for a lifestyle change after many failed diets either becauese i couln't stick to it or restricting would result in binging.

I began by implementing intermitten fasting and personally the ratio of 16:8 fit me perfectly as it really didn't affect my daily routine much. This combined with being mindful of portions, not snacking much between meals and eating lots of fruits and veggies has worked well. Immediately I started to feel the benefits; I had more energy, felt 'fresh' (if that makes sense haha), motivated and could concentate on my uni work better. Another great benefit was that I could really listen to my hunger cues, felt satiated after a good sized portion and did not feel the need to snack mindlessly.

Overall I have been been content with my results and am ready to put in the work moving forward. i have not cut out any foods completely and will still treat myself in moderation but have really been craving healthy food. I have also been doing home workouts, nothing extreme, but step by step.