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Starting this new journey

Posted on: 2020/06/11, 02:29 PM by: clupien3
I gave birth to my daughter in November 2018 and I have been struggling ever since to lose the weight. Don't get me wrong... I never had the body of a runway model but I used to be fit. a few eyears before my pregnancy, I started to gain weight. I was a part time student in Unviersity and worked full time in an office making it hard to fit in any physical activities. I was pretty much sitting from 7:30AM to 10PM.

But enough with the excuses. Before I realized, my clothes wouldn't fit me properly anymore and I slowly lost my self-confidence. With this pandemic, I want to take the time to work on myself, lose the extra pounds, get fit again. I am not only doing this to get my self-confidence back but to increase my energy level to be able to play with my daughter as much as she deserves. She deserves an active mom that can keep up with her. I also want to look good for my man and reignite that spark in his eyes when he looks at me.