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  • 1st training session

    Just started using the free trainers workout calendar. Let’s see if this helps me shed some Lbs 😊
    by: LukeT83 on: 2019/06/06
  • 3 Days Straight!

    Ran over 3.5 miles again this morning. My pants are already looser, and it feels good! Was in bed before 10 pm, but my daily diet still needs work. I will focus on diet today while feeling pride in sticking to the running :)
    by: slammertig on: 2019/06/05
  • Run, Sleep, Diet, Gym

    Instead of trying to do everything at once, I have decided to get back into the cardio (running) routine first. It's always been the most motivational for me. I ran a couple of times over the weekend, and I ran 3.5 miles yesterday. I can already t...
    by: slammertig on: 2019/06/04
  • Leg Day

    Leg press - 15x15x15  Fwd leg raise - 15x15x15 Hamstring curls -  15x15x15  Free squat -  50x50 D/B Bicep curls - 15(2.5 kg)x15(5 kg)x12(7.5 kg) Calfs - 20x15x15 Timings - 05:11 pm to 05:55 pm
    by: [Former member] on: 2019/06/01
  • Nutrition After Plateau

    Nutrition: I'm learning about High Fat Low Carb diet 2,000 calories with workout 50-150 carbs a day (not just any carbs good ones) 1695 calories w/out workouts  30% of diet =protein Physical: increase outside the box cardio ie. weigt...
    by: g2strtsomewhere on: 2019/05/31
  • the pity

    right now I'm eating so boom chicka pop (its the bomb too) sweetand savory thinking about how perfect mystomach used to be I had a tummy ring looked awsome in midriffs now all I got is boody do.. (ask a close friend from chicago) feeling li...
    by: g2strtsomewhere on: 2019/05/31
  • Uh-Oh

    Unfortunately I have to push my schedule back to see what is going on with my thyroid issues, but I have the date set to this Monday, so hopefully I can start soon!
    by: IsabellaW on: 2019/05/30
  • Day 2

    Today was shoulders and triceps, and core as always. As usual I altered the 12 week mass and strength program slightly to do less reps and more weight.
    by: Spooner646 on: 2019/05/29
  • 12 Week Mass Program

    I have started the 12 week mass program and have found it slightly insufficient so I have made some changes. I also like to do less reps and more weight. I do cardio 3 times a week. Here is the link to my core workout which I found on youtube:).  ...
    by: Spooner646 on: 2019/05/28
  • Day 1

    Just started doing the 12 week mass program. My hamstrings are a bit sore but other than that I feel absolutely fine after day 1. I don't think this workout is going to be really good because it seems like not much but I guess we will see.
    by: Spooner646 on: 2019/05/28
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