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FLogs are a way to motivate yourself and others by sharing your health and fitness progress with the community. You may use the links on the right to limit the FLogs which are displayed.

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  • Workout

    I did my first work out😊
    by: Melren on: 2018/10/17
  • New Start

    Today i signed up for this site. And tomorrow will be my first workout! Ready to start!
    by: Melren on: 2018/10/16
  • Day 0

    I am starting this FLOG out on day 0. Day 0 because I am not doing anything today. I should be waiting to start my fitness journey until after October because right now I am staying at my aunts house and I do not have any healthy food. But my issu...
    by: raftergirl on: 2018/10/14
  • Work Out Goals

    Lose "weight" - really I mean decrease in body fat percent Feel healthy -  I want to feel good about doing things like dancing  Be more confidant - Cause I'm not and I want to be  I wanna fit into the cute clothes
    by: Sarahb00 on: 2018/10/11
  • Day 1

    This is only going to be a brief entire. I have laid out part of my back story and aims in my introduction. I plan to work hard to achieve my goals. I have motivation and I have goals but the hard part is keeping both alive. I plan to build a priv...
    by: aprilmc94 on: 2018/10/08
  • My body

    Obese 138 kilos 6 feet 3 inches
    by: akshaykumar2000 on: 2018/10/03
  • Clunky

    How do I change that 2 days a week instead of 4
    by: fzimmerman2 on: 2018/10/02
  • Signed up

    Really looking forward into this program hoping this is the one that will help me all the way to reach my goal of losing 15kgs
    by: Mariam12 on: 2018/09/24
  • Beginning a New Chapter

    Today I start to get serious about maintaining a regular workout regime. Need to be consistent with toning and cardio. Want to melt my last 33 pounds quickly while shaping up and slimming down a few more sizes. Excited to reach my goals and want t...
    by: Graceburnette on: 2018/09/20
  • 9/19/18

    Body:  Cellulite, stretchmarks, veins, rolls, bad posture (slouch) Condition:  Tired, shaky, somewhat sweaty Measurements Butt: 41.5 L Thigh:  18.5 U Thigh:  24.25 Calf:  15.5 Stomach:  34 Chest:  36 Shoulders:  39.25 Arm:  12.5
    by: KassidyMae on: 2018/09/19
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