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I am trying to love myself

Posted on: 2020/12/25, 01:30 PM by: nbutt585
I am a very fat girl always have been, it sucks to the point that my body disgusts me. The most I have ever weighed is 109kgs, which I brought it down to 97kgs but now I am going back where it was I already weigh 104kg again. I hate it, I hate making excuses for myself I hate it when people (in fact my own loved ones) body shame me and tell me that my body looks horrific I hate looking in to the mirrors because I don't find myself beautiful anymore. I am so done with this shit. This is my last try to lose weight and actually have a dream body and become attractive I just hope that I get up in the morning do my workout because this is me after all and I know myself and I know that I am lazy fat ass all I do all day is lay down and munch on snacks. Well, this is who I am.