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FLogs are a way to motivate yourself and others by sharing your health and fitness progress with the community. You may use the links on the right to limit the FLogs which are displayed.

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  • Running Part 1

    I can lift weights for days, but I can seem to make myself go run. Trying to reason with myself logically hasn't work and trying to reason with myself emotionally also hasn't worked. I need to find a solution. Some would say, "just go run, don't t...
    by: RobFoxSocks on: 2020/05/11
  • Kadie Digiuseppe - May 11th 2020

    Since yesterday was Mother's day and super nice outside, me and my family got a lot of physical activity done. Me and my sister hit softball's to each other and did some running. Then we sat on our porch because it was so nice and my grandparents ...
    by: kdigi529 on: 2020/05/11
  • Sunday Workout

    Abs, Side Glutes and Arms  Used 3 videos from Blogilates to help me target those areas in my body. I was able to do them all accordinly. In a total time of 1 hr. I feel great, I have not worked out for 1 hour straight in a long time and will cont...
    by: tray_ng on: 2020/05/10
  • Back at it

    Today I started a 5-week kettlebell program and a 6 week pullup program as well as a resistance band workout. I've cut out carbs so that I can drop extra body fat. I didn't go on a run today like I should've, but I still feel good that I worked ou...
    by: RobFoxSocks on: 2020/05/09
  • Day 4

    Did 20 reps on abs instead of 15, and added jumping jacks between reps for some additional cardio. Started with 10 lb dumbells for workouts, but I was having to take breaks so I switched to 5 lb. Right arm could probably do heavier but I don't ha...
    by: shattucc on: 2020/05/08
  • Day 3

    Shoulders and back today. Still pretty sore from chest and lower body workouts. Used mostly 5lb weights for overhead lifts, and bar. Exercises were all challenging but doable.
    by: shattucc on: 2020/05/07
  • Day 2 Strength Training

    Quick cardio warmup- too cold to run outside. Abs: twisting crunch feels more effective than seated twist. Legs: used unweighted bar for everything but lunges. Front squats were hard, cross arm grip helped with holding because my chest is still ...
    by: shattucc on: 2020/05/05
  • Day 1 Strength Training at Home

    Ran 1.5 miles outside for warmup, only stopped briefly to catch my breath. Core exercises were very easy- might need to adjust for more of a challenge, or adjust technique if I'm doing them wrong Chest were difficult but doable. Used just bar fo...
    by: shattucc on: 2020/05/04
  • Sunday 05.03.2020

    Didn't eat great today, but didn't necesarily at bad. Went on a 2.45 mile walk. Starting hard tomorrow.
    by: mmrundstrom on: 2020/05/03
  • Kadie Digiuseppe - May 1st 2020

    Yesterday, even though this may sound lame, me and my sister played wii sports since it was raining all day. My right arm started to hurt right after playing so after dinner, I decided to strech it out. This morning I did my exercies and my arm wa...
    by: kdigi529 on: 2020/05/01
  • i need to get fit

    i am skinny bt very lazy and weak
    by: kitkat_1 on: 2020/04/30
  • Kadie Digiuseppe - April 29st 2020

    I actually can't believe that Monday is May. I feel like time (suprisingly) has gone by faster than I thought. Yesterday was one of the best outdoor days that I think i've had this entire quarentine though. Me and my sister had to be outside for 5...
    by: kdigi529 on: 2020/04/29
  • Kadie Digiuseppe - April 27th 2020

    Yesterday, instead of streching for my sore muscles, I decided I was just going to workout at home since it was raining all day. I started by doing some sit ups, a plank and bicycles. The only thing I really had a problem with was keeping my feet ...
    by: kdigi529 on: 2020/04/27
  • Day Log 4/23/20

    3:00PM Woke up around               Ate a big piece of cake, followed by tea               Smoke cart               Face Wash #1 (Full Routine) 6:50PM Face Wash #2 (Soap Only)              Shower 7:00PM Ate Chilli (about 1-1 1/4 cup)   ...
    by: HarleyQuinn14 on: 2020/04/23
  • Day 1

    I just started with this website today and I really like it. Even though today is a rest day and I start my workout plan tomorrow I am still trying to find a decent nutrition plan as well. Today's FLog entry is catorgorized as motivational because...
    by: ehheh33 on: 2020/04/22
  • Kadie Digiuseppe - April 21st 2020

    Yesterday, me and my family biked to my friends house to have a social distancing lunch. It was pretty nice out so we where not that cold. When I got home that night, I knew that my legs where going to be sore so I would have to change my workout ...
    by: kdigi529 on: 2020/04/21
  • first flog!!! need some motivation...

    I feel like i can do this at some points of it and then there is all day every day that makes my body ache after im done, but soon, it will all be worth it.
    by: thechoosen1 on: 2020/04/21
  • Kadie Digiuseppe - April 17th 2020

    Yesterday, like normal, me and my sister went outside and shot some baskets and even made a video about it. Then we threw the softball around, caught up on things because I like to hide in my room for hours and never come out until I need to get f...
    by: kdigi529 on: 2020/04/17
  • Space not time!

    It's no longer an issue of finding the time, I have all I need at this point. Now it's finding the space. So, I just get up before my girlfriend does and go into her shop and use the space before she needs it. It's not a gym, but it gives me the s...
    by: JDCousineau on: 2020/04/16
  • Just another day

    Bicep days make me feel like such a friggin bro.... Not a very eventful day. But hey, Day 3 is now in the books. I really hate how badly my elbows pop though... I should maybe look into that...
    by: LtLunatic on: 2020/04/16
  • I'm Crying

    I'm so sorry from yesterday. Why did I work out more? DX Sucking with something is so hard. Day 2 done. Things can only get better.
    by: LtLunatic on: 2020/04/15
  • Kadie Digiuseppe - April 15th 2020

    Yesterday, I decided to go outside because I kind of missed being outside since it had been raining all weekend. Me and my sister went outside to place HORSE and shoot some tricks shots. She likes to play this game where she says something and the...
    by: kdigi529 on: 2020/04/15
  • Get Back in the Saddle

    Stupid Cornholio Virus... First day back at the grind. I've made my own little gym space at work with a mat and some weights. I'm going to get stronger. I'm going to get thinner. And I'm going to get a big bottle of Patrón, because my cowork...
    by: LtLunatic on: 2020/04/14
  • Day 1

    Day 1 gonna start soon will post a bit later
    by: Kailuma25 on: 2020/04/10
  • Kadie Digiuseppe - April 8th 2020

    Yesterday was so nice outside that I was outside from 1 to almost dinnertime around 6:30. When I was outside I was on facetime with three of my friends, I played catch with my sister with a football and a softball, had a pass with a soccer ball, w...
    by: kdigi529 on: 2020/04/09
  • Cycling

    1 hour cycle yesterday and 1 hour today. felt good not to much or to easy
    by: Marcmcc11 on: 2020/04/09
  • Kadie Digiuseppe - April 6th 2020

    Over the weekend, I would wake up with sore muscles. It doesn't really bother me though because I am used to have muscles that are sore from things like field hockey and a little bit of softball. Today I went outside and worked on my dribbling wit...
    by: kdigi529 on: 2020/04/07
  • Kadie Digiuseppe - April 3rd 2020

    Today I woke up feeling tired. I thought that I should get outside because I didn't yesterday. Plus, I was sick of being stuck indoors with my family and I just needed an escape. After lunch, I went skateboarding outside then played basketball wit...
    by: kdigi529 on: 2020/04/03
  • First Day!

    Hey, guys! This is my first day of using this website and taking a step closer to my main goal of losing weight and getting a great summer body! I've been thinking about doing this for while, but I never had enough time, enough motivation or lack ...
    by: ZoeTri on: 2020/04/02
  • Day 2!!

    I have not yet completed the workout portion for my workout plane. I did however go on a 3 mile jog with my sister, nephew, and dog today. I am really happy that i am acually keeping up with woking out daily since in the past i have not madeit pas...
    by: shelby8814 on: 2020/03/31
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