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  • :]

    I'm so nervous but so excited to start working out, weird I know! I've always been 'the fat funny friend'  I've been active a lot, ish, I did soccer (I was in 5th grade-) I did Volley ball (5-9th, Had to quit cause of an injury) And I'm doing The...
    by: HanJisung on: 2024/01/21
  • Woo hoo!!!

    I did my first workout!!!!!!!!!!
    by: Lolgirlcode on: 2023/12/19
  • I started today

    I've been losing weight for about 5 months and my ideal weight is just around the corner. I though about this time my body would be in great shape and although I have great resistance now, it looks chunky, disproporcionate. So I started wondering ...
    by: angielond04 on: 2023/12/13