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Getting Started

Posted on: 2021/11/11, 05:50 PM by: Blamb92
I decided I want to try to start eating better and working out so that I can get farther along in my dance career. As of right now I have a slight knee injury that is impairing me from doing many things, but if I lose some weight, this could take off some of the pressure and hopefully improve my condition on top of the PT I'll be doing. I have the following goals for my first 3 weeks of training:
  1. Complete my fitness routine without breaking my schedule
  2. Drink a minmum of 32 oz of water per day
  3. Eat at least one vegetable in every meal (breakfast can be an exception for now)
  4. Drink a maximum of 3 sugary drinks per week (soda, coffee, boba, alcohol)
  5. Competely stop using Doordash

I do want a starting point, so I'll be taking my measurements to see if there's any improvement after a couple weeks. 
  • 11/11/21
  • Upper arm:   R- 12.75in (+)         L- 12.75in  (+)
  • Fore arm:      R- 10in (-)               L- 10in  (-)
  • Bust:             41in  (+)
  • Chest:           34in  (-)
  • Waist:           34.75in  (-)
  • Midway:        40.5in  (+)
  • Hips:             43 in  (-)
  • Thighs:          R- 26.75in  (-)        L- 26.75in  (-)
  • Knee:             R- 18in (-)              L- 18.in  (-)
  • Calves:          R- 15in  (+)             L- 15in  (+)
  • Weight:         164 lbs

I also plan on making daily diary entries about my training and dieting progress to keep me motivated to continue. I will also be including an outside events that I might attend that would count towards exercise or training, such as the weekly dance classes I take, practices, and socials that are synonymous to cardio workouts. 

Thats all for this entry, but I hope I am able to motivate myself to continue with this process and that I achieve my desired results!