The hip muscles are located at the top of the thigh as well as the inner and out parts. Many women as well as men aim to tone and strengthen this are to improve a leaner and healthier physique. Besides attaining a phsyical goal you may have, having strong and healthy hip muscle will promote healthier bones and help prevent injuries with age, sports or any other reason.

Anatomy and Benefits

The many muscles of the hip joint are all related to the various movements of the hip. The four major muscle groups are the gluteal group, the lateral rotator group, the adductor group and the iliopsoas group.

Exercise Basics

There are 17 muscles located in this area yet there are roughly three major ones that should be focused on relating to fitness and strength training. There is a small yet very effective set of exercises that target both the inner as well as inner hips muscles that you can perform.

Composing muscles