The shoulders are a key muscle group in creating the balanced physique. It has always been the desire of people to have broad shoulders, let it be male or female. We have for centuries padded our suits and dresses to give the illusion of wide, powerful shoulders. Having wide shoulders also adds to the illusion of a V-taper which will make your waist look smaller. In general, the method to follow in the development of this V-taper look is to focus on the development of the side of the shoulders or side deltoids.

Anatomy and Benefits

The deltoid muscle originates on the lateral clavicle and inserts on the lateral proximal third of the humerus. Its major action is to raise and rotate the upper arm. The deltoid is divided into three major parts. The anterior front, medial side and anterior rear muscle heads. Strong and toned shoulder muscles can help prevent injuries and pain that come with everyday life and aging.

Exercise Basics

The deltoid as a whole is composed of three small muscle heads, therefore is a relatively small muscle group. Basically, there are two types of exercises for the deltoids; presses and raises. These used in variations will train all three heads effectively. It is proven that low reps are best for all pressing movements and high reps are most effective for all raising movements.

Composing muscles