Bent Over Cable Laterals


  • This movement is performed in a bent-over standing position. You will need access to cables from a machine, otherwise use dumbbells.
  • Stand between two cables which are attached at the floor level. Keep a wide stance to keep balance. Grasp a handle in each hand; your left hand holding the right cable and your right hand holding the left cable. This will cross your hands in front of you. Bend forward.
  • You may also do this one arm at a time as depicted in the pictures above.
  • Now keeping a strict form, pull each cable simultaneously straight out to your sides.
  • Hold for 1-2 seconds and release back to starting position.


  • This is an excellent movement for isolating the rear deltoids. Once again, this is a movement which really isolates the muscle at work, so be sure to use a slow and control method of execution. Once again, DO NOT swing the weight up.
Primary muscles Posterior delts
Secondary muscles Trapezius Lateral delts Infraspinatus Teres