Behind the Neck Barbell Presses


  • This movement is performed in a seated position, preferably with back support. Grasp the barbell wider than your shoulder width. Be sure your wrist and elbow execute a straight line to the floor with your grip position. Palms facing out.
  • Press the barbell straight up, pausing and contracting right before your elbows lock out.
  • Slowly lower the bar behind your neck until it is behind your head.. but not as low as touching your neck.
  • Pause and press the weight again in the same manner.


  • Please be aware that you should perform this movement slowly, concentrating on working the front and side heads of the deltoid. Be sure to not lock out your elbows at the top to keep the stress on the muscles in use.
Primary muscles Anterior delts
Secondary muscles Triceps Lateral delts