It is well know that the chest is one of the most sought after well developed body parts for men along with arms and abdominals, however it is quite beneficial for women as well. It is a misconception that chest training reduces bust size for women. Finally, even though genetics spell out the shape and size of your pectoral muscles, as with all of your muscle groups, your training discipline can help you reach your physique goals.

Anatomy and Benefits

The chest is combination of the pectoralis major and minor. The first flexes and adducts the arm, medially rotates the arm, the latter draws the scapula forward, medialward, and downward. For the purpose of discussion, we'll separate the chest into four basic regions; upper, lower, outer and inner.

Exercise Basics

The chest is a muscle which must be trained for all of its areas to develop completely. Usually for males, a full and wide chest is the goal. It is very important as with most large muscle groups to build a foundation of the muscle before concerning yourself with details. This foundation phase will be the building blocks to further detailed work. With the pectoral muscles, it is significant to follow a plan which will consist of a few basic movements along with some isolation movements. Proper form, contraction and stretching will boost your gains and help prevent injuries. There is a wide range of exercise to properly stimulate all areas of the chest muscles for men and women.

Composing muscles