The back side is a region that is usually on the top of the list of areas to tone or tighten for both men and women. Not only for appearance purposes, the buttocks are actually quite instrumental for daily fitness and activities. Poor buttocks can affect your health such as back pain and everyday tasks such as standing and sitting.

Anatomy and Benefits

The buttocks are comprised of the gluteal muscles, gluteus maximus muscle, gluteus medius muscle and gluteus minimus muscle. The two most common are the maximus and minimus. They are actually one of the strongest muscles found on the human body. The action of the buttocks is to laterally rotate as well as extend the hip, and also to extend the trunk.

Exercise Basics

Basically, most leg exercise will target the buttock directly or indirectly. Common movements such as squats and lunges have a profound effect on the strength and development of this region.

Composing muscles